Bakker Grizzly T

Bakker Grizzly T Bakker Grizzly T Bakker Grizzly T

The Bakker Grizzly T is a two seated touring bike based on the Suzuki GSX-R1000 engine.

The main target when developing this bike was to develop a easy to ride, touring bike suitable to go on the road on a sunny afternoon with a passenger on the buddy. As Nico himself was the first customer, and he also becomes a bit older, the bike would have a relaxed, comfortable, and quite upright driving position. The geometry of the bike should offer easy driving characteristics. The possibility the engine gives to ride in a sportive way haven't been lost.

With regards to handling and driving the bike based on this chassis need to close the gap between the Bakker Grizzly and Bakker Grizzly All-Round.

The new rolling chassis in designed specifically with touring in mind,

Bakker Grizzly T, foto Jon Tober Bakker Grizzly T, foto Jon Tober Bakker Grizzly T, foto Jon Tober

To secure the high quality of the bike, Bakker Framebouw is know of, the motorcycle is constructed out of high quality ChromeMolybdeen tubing, with perfect handling an light weight. In combination with CNC machined parts out of a high quality aluminium alloy.

The bodywork and fuel tank are completely hand crafted out of aluminium sheet metal. In principle the design / looks can be build completely according to the customers wishes.

In comparison with the original GSX-R1000 the wheel base has increased a bit to temper the influence of the gas response on the bike. Due to its ~180 bhp the standard GSX-R1000 tents to lift the front wheel every time you shift gear. Of course this is not desirable on a easy riding machine, when you find your passenger sitting behind the bike on the tarmac every time you open the throttle.

Technically the rolling chassis is designed in such a way, it is relatively easy to fit another type / brand of engine. Our customers always had, and will have a free choice in the engine they want to use in a bike, with this design it is more easy to comply to their wishes. Due to the difference in design of the engines, to ensure a optimal balance and weight distribution on the front and rear wheel, the frame can be easy adjusted.

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Artikel Grizzly T (MotorPlus; 2009; Jeroen Hidding)