Bakker QCS

A motorcycle based on a Yamaha 4-cylinder engine. You can choose to have any more modern 4-cilinder in-line engine installed in this frame. What's special about this motorcycle is that it doesn't incorporate a conventional frame but it's composed out of 3 sub-frames. A front frame, attached to the engine through sketch plates, a top frame, attached to the cylinder head and a rear sub frame for the rear swing arm and suspension. The engine is a crucial part in the whole of the motorcycle.

What's also unique is that it's equipped with single-sided suspension at both the front and the rear wheel, and a 200 mm ventilated brake disc placed in the centre of the front wheel with a six-piston brake calliper. QCS stands for Quick Change System, which refers to the simplicity of changing wheels due to the single-sided suspension.

Naturally the entire motorcycle can be composed to the customer's wishes. For example a different engine, wheels, brakes and suspension. You can also have the original wheels, front and rear fork, brakes and footsteps installed.

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