Bakker Barracuda

A motorcycle based on a Suzuki TL1000S/R engine. The Frame is made entirely from chrome-moly with an outer diameter of 38 mm. The rear swing arm is made from specially extruded aluminium, outer measure 80*40, double-sided. The rear fork is attached to the frame and engine with specially designed CNC-cutted sketch-plates. The shaft on which the rear swing arm is situated is adjustable in 3 different positions, making it easy to adjust the wheelbase. The rear suspension is fitted with a tiltable system to adjust ride-height and WP shock-absorber with in- and outgoing damper adjusting possibilities.

The steering stem-angle is adjustable through the use of adjustable bearings. The tank (made out of aluminium) and streamline are specially designed and are also available in carbon-fibre. Like for the Bakker Bomber 5-spoke Marvic wheels and a Brembo Grand-Prix braking-system are also available for the Barracuda.

Naturally the entire motorcycle can be built to the customer's wishes. For example a different engine, different wheels, brakes or suspension. You can also have the original Suzuki wheels, front- and rear fork, brakes and footsteps installed.

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Famous Bikes:

One of the most famous owners of a Bakker Barracuda is the Academy Award- winning American actor, producer and director Nicolas Cage, having appeared in over 60 films. In a interview he gave to promote the Ghost Rider 2 movie he stated:

Nicolas Cage

Question: Do you collect motorcycles?

Cage: I used to. I don't anymore. I used to have a pretty interesting library of motorcycles.

Question: What was the pride of your collection?

Cage: The pride is called a (SP1) Bacher (BAKKER) Barracuda, a motorcycle build in the Netherlands, "the beautiful Bakker Barracuda, a bike I loved tremendously. Unfortunately I had to sell it", regrets the 48 year old actor. "Unfortunately due some strong Iife insurance policies I am not aloud to ride bikes anymore unless I am working."

Nicolas Cage Bakker Barracuda