Bakker RM-Z450r, Supermono

Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r

The Supermono class is one of the few classes of motorcycle racing that is attracting full grids at present. With the emergence of the prototype Moto GP class and the similarities with this it is growing in popularity with riders, engineers and spectators throughout Europe.

The Supermono class is for prototype four stroke, single cylinder racing motorcycles with no restriction on design, construction and permitted modifications. Just about anything goes as long as its got one cylinder with a maximum engine capacity of 800cc and a minimum weight of 95kg.

The formula has led to many great innovative and creative solutions being developed to the challenge of producing more power in a lightweight frame. It is therefore not without justification that this has been described as an engineer’s class.

Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r

The class is therefore a refreshing change from the production classes aimed at promoting street bikes. This fact however has meant that the class has had to be self – financing through its competitors without factory involvement.

The variety is in this class makes it enjoyable. Over recent seasons the minimum weight of the class was reduced to 95kg to allow the introduction of the new generation Minimono’s using the latest 450cc motorcross engines in 125 size frames. They have enjoyed some success, not just at the tight and twisty circuits and these type of machines are attracting a lot of younger riders to the class.

This is where Bakker Framebouw kick in with our Bakker RM-Z450 Supermono racer. Equiped with a 450cc Suzuki engine, and a modern new developed chassis, the Bakker RM-Z450r is the new standard in Supermono racing.

The rolling chassis is provided with a adjustable steering head, as well as an adjustment for the position of the rear swing arm.

Specifications RM-Z450r

Team Slooten Racing:

Team Slooten Racing with rider Brian Slooten is the first team which uses the Bakker RM-Z450r. In 2010 they participated in the UEM Supermono Cup. Due to the successes booked, this will be continued in the future.

2012 : victory is there, Brian Slooten becomes Dutch Champion on the Bakker RM-Z450r Suzuki.

Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r

Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r Bakker RM-Z450r

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