Bakker V-Rod

Harley-Davidson VRSC RR endurance racer.

Bakker Framebouw developed for the German racingteam Harley-Davidson Racing Bonn the Harley-Davidson VRSC RR endurance racer .

With this motorbike the team participated on the Oschersleben 24h race 13th of August 2006. The frame is partial constructed of ChromeMolybdeen steel and partial out of aluminium.

The swing arm is completely made of aluminium, with incorporated a quick change system for the rear wheel. The fuel tank is completely hand crafted out of aluminium, additional a quick re-fuel opening for the petrol is foreseen.

Also the exhaust system, radiator, footrests, yokes, clip-ons and seat frame are fabricated by our company.

Pricelist V-Rod

Press release:

Bakker Harley rides with success the 24h race.

On the extremely beautiful circuit of Oschersleben in the former East-Germany last weekend the sixth round of the FIM WK Endurance took place. In these eight racing cycles an average of 45 teams participate in races of 5 to 24hours in length. Most of the teams ride on a, for circuit use, extremely suitable Japanese superbike, so the participation of team H-D Racing Bonn with a Harley Davidson was quit spectacular.

The team (supported by for instance H-D Company USA and Pirelli Germany) has put a lot of time and effort in the development of the motorcycle. As commonly known a 24 hour race is a true wear and tear on man and machine, and for this continuity and reliability come first. That the concept met these demands, not everyone expected in advance, espesially the short preparation time for the race bared in mind.

For the development of the Harley V-Rod, Bakker Framebouw is contacted for the construction of a ChromeMolybdeen tube frame, bared in mind to eventually construct a street-kit with many option for road use. Also special for the team a big aluminium petrol tank was constructed with fast fuelling connection, other yokes for to fit a shorter race front fork, an a aluminium swing arm with quick change system for the wheels.

Bakker Framebouw can fall back on many years of experience in constructing all kinds of parts for both street- and private- racing, as for endurance- and GP- racing. Also on a regular base our company is consulted by the big motorcycle manufacturers for, for instance the development of prototypes, improvements on rolling chassis, and the adjustments for bikes for ambulance- and police- uses.

Team H-D Racing Bonn finished after 24 hour, with a relatively long pit time of 1:15h. This long pit time could not be blamed on the enthusiasm of the team or failing Harley technology, an relay for the lights ruined a race without further complications. In comparison with the other teams with pit times of about 20 minutes and lap times of 1:31, with the 1:39 of the Bakker Harley V-Rod it may be concluded we all did deliver a fine piece of work.