Bakker Nelis

One year's hard work brought result. Under the wing of experienced motorcycle constructor Nico Bakker, Mathijn Nelis build his first motorcycle for the company: the Nelis. The idea started with the intention to rebuild a damaged motorcycle for his own use. This was firmly rejected by Nico Bakker. For the then 25 years old student Mathijn Nelis, now fully employed by Bakker Framebouw this resulted in an unique opportunity: the complete design and build of his first motorcycle.

A engine was available at stock of Bakker Framebouw: Suzuki TL1000R engine, 135 hp strong. The first sketches were drawn, and a whole frame was created by rolling and curving tubes of chromium molybdenum in radius. Every detail was made with the greatest attention, what is visible by the high degree of finish of every single part. From de radial placed and CNC-milled footrests to the fully handmade handlebars who rise above the self fabricated triple clamp. Also the hand beaten aluminium tank and bodywork comes from the 25 years old newcomer.

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Bakker-Nelis Specifications


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