Straightening out rims

Bakker Framebouw is specialised in repairing alloyed car- and motorcycle- rims. Many have found the way to our company in Heerhugowaard already for repairs of alloyed rims. We are the specialist in Noord-Holland.

Of course there is a limit on the extent what can be repaired or not, but very much is possible. We can bring severely damaged rims back into a factory new state.

If there are any questions you can always contact us.

As it is not desirable to do without a rim for a longer period of time, our objective is to repair your rim within 1 á 2 working days.


Repairs we can perform are:

Car rims:

** In principle we don't do any polishing (cosmetic treatment) on alloyed rims, never the less we can perform repairs on polished rims to bring them technically in good shape, so you can get on the road in a safe way. When you have specific questions regarding the repairs on polished rims you can always contact us.

Please click on picture for exemple,

When repairs on a rim are desired, this needs to be presented without the tire.

Motorcycle rims:

Also it is possible to straighten motorcycle brake disks.

Motorcycle rims may be presented with tire.


Bakker Framebouw is a specialised welding company, in welding Aluminium and Titanium alloys.

For repairs on for example radiators, crank cases, and exhaust systems we are the right address to attend to.

Please click on picture for exemple,

repairs on crank case

repairs on radiator

modification exhaust system