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At Bakker Framebouw you are on the right address when it comes to a tailor made solution on the exhaust system of car. Whenever it handles about the replacement of a silencer, the repairs on the pipe work, the modification of a existing exhaust system, of a complete new exhaust system Bakker Framebouw can arrange this for you.

When the desired exhaust system won't fit your car right away, or is not completely according to your wishes, we can fit this to your bike.

If there are questions regarding to exhaustsystems you can allways contact us, we are pleased to help you.

Your exhaust and the law.

Unless stated otherwise sport exhausts developed for optimal performance for competition-purposes (track use) with the wishes of the customer regarding noise and optical appearance taken into account are delivered without e-approval. We cannot guarantee these exhausts will comply to the noise requirements which are applicable according to the type approval of the vehicle. The use of non approved parts on the public road is formally not allowed.

Bakker Framebouw is importer for The Netherlands of Scorpion exhaust systems.


When choosing to fit a Scorpion Exhaust System you are comforted by knowledge of the level of engineering excellence and experience gained over many years.

From the initial development stage through to the final production programme Scorpion has enhanced their reputation resulting in on going involvement across many products for the motor sport industry.

Scorpion have a proven Race winning formula with several teams competing in World Rally Car and Touring Car competitions.

They continue this winning formula through the Scorpion brand by offering race experience, which meets road requirements and provides an excellent touring sound as opposed to a loud 'boy racer' sound often associated with sports exhausts.

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