Bakker Accessories

We can provide you with all sorts of homemade accessories for your motorcycle like steering stem brackets, brake callipers and footsteps.
These products are made entirely to the customers specifications.

In the sidebar you can choose your brand of your choice, to view the accesoiries we have currently available.

You can always contact us if your requested product is not listed. Probably we can obtain or manufacture this part for you.




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At Bakker Frames we do not only supply entire motorcycles, it's also possible for example to replace the frame of a standard motorcycle with a Bakker frame. The great advantage here is that all the original parts can be transferred to the Bakker frame. The appearance will stay the same but you will greatly improve your ride. A good example of this is this Suzuki TL1000S.

Rear Swingarms

It is also possible to replace your rear swingarm with a Bakker swingarm. You can choose to go with a conventional swingarm or a single-sided swingarm as used in the Bakker QCS.


If you wish to alter the seating-position on your motorcycle, changing or adding clip-ons is one of the first considerations you can make. We can provide you with tailor-made clip-ons. If you bring along your motorcycle we can help you determine what kind of clip-ons to choose and how to position them best.
This allows you to get as much riding-comfort out of your motorcycle as possible.

Steering stem brackets

If you want to install a different frontfork or if you want to alter the offset of your steering stem brackets. You can have steering stem brackets made at Bakker Frames exactly to your specifications. It's also possible to have us make just the lower or upper steering stem bracket.


If you want to replace your tank with an aluminium one or if you want more tankcapacity you can have one made at Bakker Frames.
We also repair damaged and dented tanks.